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As Critters are observed, please send information and photos to
WEBMASTER for addition to our website

2017 Sightings

At 8:00 pm this evening of 8/26/2017, I opened my front door to go out onto my bridge walk to bring in the hummingbird feeder. A black bear was ambling off the bridge walk onto the driveway, as I walked out. Then, he walked into the street and leisurely strolled away. Ann Stringfield - 129 Forest View Drive - Posted 8/27/2017 

During the past week my wife and I have observed a fairly large bobcat in our yard and on the street at Silent Rise Lane. It was observed by us on three separate occasions and by one of our neighbors in their yard. Simultaneously, we have observed about 18 wild turkeys roaming in the same area. I suspect that the bobcat is stalking them since it was seen during the daytime. I checked the web and found this photo of an almost identical bobcat that I used to verify my sightings. Click here to view - Paul Boudreaux - 312 Silent Rise Lane - Posted 8/7/2017

A large male black bear just walked down our driveway from 131 Ridge Lane to the corner of our house.  He then walked down the stairs beside the house to the back yard and then into the woods towards the Boyd property.  He was missing a lot of hair on his right hip - Posted 8/3/2017

Out for an afternoon walk on 5/29, our pups stopped to stare at what I first took to be a stick in the neighbors' drive. Nope. It was a gray rat snake, about 4 feet long, sunning itself. This species was new to me, but NC State University Extension Service notes that they are nonvenomous and not aggressive, and live up to  their name by converting rodents and other small critters to snake meat. The snake pictured is in its peculiar "kinked" posture. Click here to view They are apparently often and unfortunately mistaken for venomous snakes. Posted by Clark Irwin, Kenmure Drive - 6/1/2017

Arrived home at 6:45 pm to find 2 large bears at home and yard at 227 Maple Hill Dr. They left across Red Maple down to Chestnut. Posted by Dee Dee Gould - 5/30/2017

My husband and I were heading out to dinner when I spotted two bears near Winding Meadows and Overlook Drive. The first one went between two of the condo buildings but this one came towards us. We were in Kenmure working with our construction team for our new home. This was quite a surprise to see them out in the open. Click here to view Posted by Gayle and Jay Schwarz - 5/21/2017

Today about 12:20 PM, a baby black bear crossed Kenmure Drive near the lake and strolled into the woods. I didn't see any sign of Momma Bear. Susan Kasper - Posted 5/5/2017

Returning home at dusk (8:15pm) on Saturday, April 23rd, we rounded the sharp curve on Tarnhill to find a cub sitting in the middle of the road and four others seemingly frolicking beyond.  As we tried to get closer to take a photo, they began to head further up the hill and eventually scampered down Tall Oak Lane.  In the photo, the fifth cub is obscured by the post box on the left - Click here to view
So extraordinary a sight, it brought to mind the start of the English nursery rhyme “Teddy Bear’s Picnic”:
If you go out in the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise.
If you go out in the woods today, you’d better go in disguise.
For every bear that ever there was
Will gather there for certain, because
Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic.
  Helen & Ben Wright - Posted 4/26/2017

Lookin out the window, I saw a flock(?) of 9 Turkeys moving from my backyard towards the Orchard/Boland sideyard. Reported by John Mayfield 1/21/2017

We were coming up Kenmure Dr. about 10:00 last night (January 16) and a bear ran across the road right in front of our car between 308 and 312 Kenmure (Robins and Ashbeck). Fortunately, we were going very slowly because of the fog, so we did not hit him, but it was CLOSE! I guess this warm weather woke him up. Reported by Scott and Nancy Benyon 1/17/2017

I just saw five deer.  They were crossing Greenleaf and moving onto the Peter Haft lot, down by the next driveway along Greenleaf.  It was just ten minutes ago at 9:30 a.m. Maybe they were hungry after the snow.  Check your azaleas or other shrubs. Reported by Dick Roemer 1/12/2017  

2016 Sightings

Bears in our backyard - Mom and her cubs in our yard for dinner.  We’ve had many nuts come down in the last few weeks. Stayed for an hour or so and wandered off - Click here to view - Reported by Sharon Patton 10/26/2016

Came across 4 bears (mama and 3 cubs) on Scenic Drive at 6:35 p.m. today while walking our dog. The bears were raiding the trash dumpster in front of a house that is under construction. When they saw me, mama headed back onto the Sandburg land with a "trophy" from the dumpster, while the cubs followed her empty-handed - Reported Reported by Tom Carpenter 8/24/2016

Bobcat on our patio Sunday morning - Alan & Darlene Bush - 108 Pinnacle Peak Lane - Reported 8/21/2016 - Click here to view

This guy wanted to join us for coffee this morning. Happily he decided it was too noisy when I hollered at him - Bob & Annette Bonner - 220 Kenmure Drive - Reported 8/19/2016 - Click here to view

Bears in driveway on 108 Pinnacle Peak Lane on August 13, 2016 - Alan & Darlene Bush - Reported 8/18/2016 - Click here to view

We spotted a lone black bear walking through our back yard at 11:20 this morning at 105 Greenleaf Drive - Willy & Gloria Garcia – Reported 8/18/2016

A young copperhead snake found (approx. 3 feet long) lying on a shelf in our garage this afternoon. The snake was removed by Animal Control Experts from Asheville and will be relocated to a remote area. This is the first poisonous snake we have encountered in Kenmure, so we thought it prudent just to remind everyone that they are known to be in the area - Tom Carpenter - Maple Hill Drive - Reported 8/4/2016

This black bear was up on our top deck looking at our bird feeders around 6:30 p.m. - Bob & Annette Bonner - 220 Kenmure Dr. - Reported 7/30/2016 - Click here to view

At about 8:15 p.m. on 7/28/16, a lone bear was spotted crossing Poplar Loop Drive about 40 yards before Overlook Drive - Sandy Bernreuter - Reported 7/28/2016

Just had a large bobcat run through our front and side yard. 8:45 pm - 227 Maple Hill - Dr. Chip Gould - Reported 7/26/2016

Bear in driveway yesterday at 2:00 p.m. at 122 Founders Drive - Neighbor took picture - Terry Stein - Reported 7/23/2016 - Click here to view

Yesterday morning @ about 6:30 a.m. my husband was walking the dog down Founders between Hessong’s and Thomas’s. Two large deer were in the road. Just stood there for about 2 minutes before moving on through the Thomas’s yard - Terry Stein - Reported 7/23/2016

Had a deer in my back yard today (7/8) at 12:30PM - 113 Berry Creek Dr. - Kathy Limmiatis - Reported 7/8/2016

Large female bear and 4 cubs sited in our backyard (228 Greenleaf) on July 8, 2016. Cubs were harvesting apples while the mother kept a lookout. Sorry, I didn't get a photo of the cubs - Marlin Sanders - Reported 7/8/2016 - Click here to view

7/5/16 when I looked out on our top deck this morning, this bear was wandering across the deck to the stairs. By the time I could get his picture, he was back down in the yard. Bob and Annette Bonner - 220 Kenmure Dr - Reported 7/5/2016 - Click here to view

White Squirrel - ...first white squirrel we've had - Beth and Jon Couch - Reported 6/16/2016 - Click here to view

We had 2 visits by this big guy yesterday! The first was about 3 in the afternoon after he came crashing down with our bird feeder. The second was about 7 pm providing cocktail hour entertainment during the rain with Cynthia and Bryan Vick, Cynthia's mom Ellen, and Jim and Kitty Olson. Not only is our deck is 2 floors high, but he was fearless with 7 people watching out floor-to-ceiling windows and taking his picture! - Beth and Jon Couch - 175 Old Hillside Lane - Reported 6/16/2016 - Click here to view

While walking our collie I ran across a VERY LARGE black bear on Founders - Dr.Mark Kenzik - Reported 6/5/2016

A large mother black bear and her four cubs passed the house at 312 Silent Rise Lane. First seen May 29, 2016 and again on June 4, 2016 The cubs ran up a tree in our back yard when they heard us speaking from our rear deck. The photo shows the mother walking away toward McKay pond and the Clubhouse while three cubs were still up the tree. The fourth cub was significantly smaller than its three siblings, but it looked and acted as it were healthy enough as they all ran into the woods. - Reported 6/5/2016 - Click here to view

Bear sighted on driveway at 161 Tarnhill - 1 PM - Reported May/21/2016

White squirrel sighted on Tarnhill Drive near Farwood Ct. Very menacing - Larry Rosetter - Reported 5/7/2016

Raccoon sighting - We called animal control on a raccoon hanging around our garage door. It appeared that he had distemper as he would not move until the animal control officer arrived. It was then that he took off and could not be located. The officer thought he might return and to keep an eye for him - Bob Boek - Red Maple Drive area - 785-3774 - Reported 4/13/2016

2015 Sightings

Bear sighting, Thursday evening August 28, around 7:40p.m. Two bears crossed our driveway heading away from Abbeyshire Way and toward Berry Creek Drive. One bear was very large. John Ely

6/7/2015 - Deer sighting, Sunday June 7, 2:45pm west side of Berry Creek, west of bridge before Tarnhill --doe. Gene Kopf (P)5/14/2015 - We returned from Florida last Friday. On Saturday morning, I was still unpacking items from my car and I just stepped into my garage. The garage door was open and I saw the largest mountain lion walk up my driveway. I have never seen a mountain this close and it was very large and a male. I am sure he is miles away because they have large territories, but please be careful!! Suzanne Rapp, 145 Ridge Lane

3/10/15 - A nearly full size bear just "borrowed" (ripped off) one of our suet feeders from the eve of our house- hanging chain and all. I removed the other one just before he returned for a second snack. Beautiful bear ! Elaine and Claude Cross, 140 Ridge Lane

1/12/15 about 2 pm we watched four bears roam around our back yard. Click here to view Doug & Suzanne Moe, 131 Ridge Lane

1/12/15 - At 2:00 this afternoon two bears walked down our driveway toward Kenmure Dr. The part that goes to the health club and swimming pools. I was surprised to see them out this time of year. A mother and an older cub. Judy and Al Bacon, 701 Kenmure Drive

2014 Sightings

6/12/2014 - Saw an adult bear - think a mama bear - sauntering down our drive way this morning at 6am! Mary Ann & Larry Stewart, 142 Pinnacle Peak Lane

06/20/2014 - In the last week, one sighting of a mama and four little ones and another sighting of a single bear on Pinnacle Peak Lane between the old emergency exit and Hollybrook. Larry Rostetter Pinnacle Paek Lane

06/10/2014 - First bear sighting on Scenic Drive. He was meandering down my walkway by the stream. Susan Allen

We had a momma bear and her young hibernating in our yard until a few days ago. The Osteens discovered them while doing some repair work on our deck. A cave was created in 2004 when a hurricane took down 9 trees in our side yard. A huge rock was uplifted when some trees fell over, their roots changing the landscape to include a small cave. Momma was peaceful enough and we didn't fear or disturb her. We think momma has left the cave and gone on to her friends because we see no sign of her now. Strange, but we miss having her there. Our property has been a highway for the bears for many years now. Our son made a movie of one incident a couple of years ago. Momma was here with her twins who romped, tumbling on our front lawn while she checked out everything. Once momma stole a garbage bag from across the street on a Monday and brought it to our side yard for a picnic with her little ones. They have been harmless up to now and move away when they hear us. Anna Lazo - posted 2/12/2014

2013 Sightings

A bobcat walked across my front yard this morning, cut through the woods to Ridge Lane and walked down the road toward the cul-de-sac. Yes, I’m sure it was a bobcat and not one of the stray cats that have been reported lately. We went straight to Wikipedia and saw this cat’s picture. Doug Moe posted 11/17/13

About 6:30 this Saturday evening, I was sitting in my chair on our front porch reading a book. I caught movement over the top of my reading glasses and looked up. A mature bear had very silently climbed the steep bank at the East end of our house and stepped into our yard. The bear stood broadside looking at me, about 10 yards away. I would estimate about 250 to 300 lbs. Since it chose not to retreat - I decided to let it win the stare down. I stepped inside the house and called Cheryl. We watched the bear paw at the base of a tree next to our driveway - a few short steps from our front door window. This particular bear gave us quite a show, it's very powerful shoulders and paws making short work of the hard packed dirt. I'd also like to mention that the bear showed no fear of me whatsoever. None. I personally have a great respect and appreciation that we have wildlife living in Kenmure with us. After all, they were here first. But this bear's lack of fear of any kind - I believe - says our bears have grown maybe a little too comfortable living with us? This suggests we be vigilant & aware of sight and sounds when we're walking/riding the beautiful roads in Kenmure - and always err on the side of caution. Dan Schindler 113 Horizon Lane Submitted September 28,2013

On August 31st the Dodges on Overlook Drive were visited by a hungry bear who enjoyed berries from their Dogwood tree. Click here to view

This June 16,2013 - evening around 8:30 there was a large bear in our back yard down by the tennis courts just standing there. It finally walked up thru the pines between our house and the Uhrich's. Then it wandered back down and went thru the trees I think toward the fitness center. It was quite large and alone. Wendy Mears

First bear sighting of the year. A BIG bear strolled through my backyard @7 pm on 5/17/2013. I think it was a male due to its size and that it was not accompanied by cubs. It stopped a couple of times to dig around some fallen logs, then disappeared into Sandburg forest. Luckily I was indoor. Submitted by Vivian Adams (The Dragonlady), Scenic Drive.

On 5/20 saw mama bear on Tarnhill as I was headed towards the Cottages. I stopped to observe Mama who ran a few feet off the road and stayed there a while. A few minutes later two cubs ran across the street towards their mama and they all took off. Alan Bush

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